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Application- vertical, Substrate - sheetrock, room temp = 68.  warmer conditions did effect the other adhesives even more adversely.  Unlike the competitors.  


Mincey CMA held vertically and horizontally without sagging or skinning over before we could use it.

Mincey Quick Grab Adhesive is a one component, construction adhesive. Mincey Quick Grab Adhesive is applied in beads and achieves over 50 psi or about 3000 lbs per square foot of bond area. It’s thixotropic viscosity allows it to be applied on vertical or overhead surfaces. Mincey Quick Grab Adhesive has excellent fixturing properties and requires minimal external support while green strength develops. Bracing sticks can be removed in 2-3 hours. Mincey Quick Grab Adhesive is moisture curing and operates best in high humidity and temperature. Cold or dry environments will slow the strength development of any moisture cure adhesive. Because of it’s rapid polymerization, Mincey Quick Grab Adhesive should be assembled within 15-30 minutes of applying beads to prevent “skinning over” of the adhesive surface. Mincey Quick Grab Adhesive is easier to dispense and tool at a wide range of temperatures due to its advanced formulation. Do not use when temperatures are below 32°F. If temperature is low the product will tool better if brought back to 75-80 degrees.

  1. 1)  All surfaces should be clean and dry. If necessary bonding surfaces of cast marble can be wiped with acetone. Allow surface to dry thoroughly before applying adhesive. Do not solvent wipe with mineral spirits, alcohols or oil-containing solvents such as Varsol. Priming for CMA is not normally required.

  2. 2)  For a detached nozzle cartridge cut the tip off of the cartridge just above the nozzle threads. Thread nozzle onto cartridge and cut the tip of the nozzle to the required bead size.

  3. 3)  Dispense by pushing the glue in the direction of the nozzle with a cartridge dispensing gun. If tooling is required do so within the first 10 minutes.

  4. 4)  Apply the adhesive to surfaces USE ONE HALF PULL ON THE GUN TO CREATE A DOLLOP FOR EVERY SQUARE FOOT. Remove the excess adhesive after tooling with a dry clean cloth.

  5. 5)  Applysubstratewithin15minutesofapplyingthebeadso“skinning”doesn’toccurpriorwhich could influence the strength of the adhesive. Cold temperature and low humidity will cure slower. At 70°F the adhesive will skin in 10 minutes and fully cure in 24 hours (1/8" bead). Higher humidity accelerates curing. Tooling, if necessary, should be done before skinning takes place. For more information please view our product data sheet and material safety data sheet.


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